Irakly Kaveladze

About Irakly Kaveladze

An experienced business and financial professional, Ike Kaveladze currently adds his abilities to Russian real estate development group Crocus International. Having joined the international enterprise in 2004, Mr. Kaveladze now holds the title of Vice President of the Crocus Group and administrates the development of residential, institutional, and commercial real estate property. Among his many responsibilities, Ike Kaveladze manages the portfolios of high net worth clients and organizes teams of architects, engineers, and designers to establish some of the company’s multi-million-dollar projects. Contributing to the development of Russia’s largest university campus, the Far Eastern Federal University, he is also responsible for planning and developing a chain of Russian hardware superstores for TVOY DOM and orchestrating projects in the cities of Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, and Voronezh, among others.

A native of Russia, Ike Kaveladze earned his undergraduate degree in Economics from the Moscow Academy of Finance before completing his post-secondary education in the United States. Moving to Connecticut to pursue his graduate studies, he attended the University of New Haven, from which he received a Master of Business Administration in 2002. Today, Mr. Kaveladze holds membership with the Georgian Association, the U.S.-Georgia Business Council, the U.S.-Russia Business Council, and, an organization aimed at alleviating poverty through the collective effort of microfinancing. 

When he is not at work, Ike Kaveladze enjoys soccer, photography, and several philanthropic endeavors. He is an active contributor within his community; he volunteers with the Moscow Regional School for Blind Children, donates to the Save the Children organization, and sponsors, an entity which backs Russian hospices to help patients with cancer.